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Welcome to The Protectors® Podcast, where the valor meets the storyteller. Hosted by Jason Piccolo, a seasoned veteran and retired special agent, this series is a must-listen for anyone intrigued by the courage and tales of those who pledge to protect us. Beyond the front-line stories of bravery and dedication, this podcast goes a step further, weaving in the perspectives of those who bolster and narrate the protector's journey—featuring a remarkable lineup including New York Times Best Sellers and acclaimed Hollywood actors.

The Protectors® Podcast offers a diverse array of voices, from those who wear the uniform to the authors and entertainers who amplify their stories. It's a unique blend that highlights not only the raw realities faced by our protectors but also how their sacrifices inspire the narratives we cherish in literature and film. By tuning in to The Protectors® Podcast, you're not just listening to a podcast—you're stepping into a powerful community that stretches from the battlefields to the bookshelves and the silver screen. Whether you're seeking thrilling accounts of valor, insights into the creative process, or simply inspiring conversations, this podcast has something for you.

Host: Dr. Jason Piccolo is a retired federal agent, former U.S. Army Infantry Captain (Iraq 2006), professor, and author.  

Past Guests Include:- Jack Carr- Brad Taylor- Sean Patrick Flanery - Andrews & Wilson- Mark Greaney- Stephen Hunter- Remi Adeleke - Florent Groberg - Clint Emerson - Max Martini - Stephen Hunter - Dale Dye - Mike Sarraille - Nate Boyer - Chris Gronkowski - Fred Burton

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